The Inaugural

π-mile run

a virtual 5k (+56m) = 3.14 miles

March 14, 2021

How do I participate?


Basic registration is FREE!


Grab your family, grab your friends, and get outside (or inside) for a 3.14-mile run!

Plan to complete your run between Thursday, March 10 and Pi Day, Sunday, March 14.

Keep track of your time however you like (style points for effective use of an hourglass).


Report your completed run, and then check out the race results!

Share pictures on Instagram @pimilerun

our family

The π-mile story

Halfway through a 10k route, I (Kevin) looked down at my watch and saw "3.14 miles." I made the connection that π miles 5 km, and from there the idea for the π-mile run was born. Obviously, this should occur on pi-day. When I told my family, they were hooked, and we decided to organize the π-Mile Run.